About the Core 4

The Core 4 Video Description .pdf

The Core 4 

There are so many rules! Isn’t there an easier way to remember what I should and shouldn’t do? There are many qualities that help students interact with others, but many can be boiled down into the Core 4: Responsibility, Respect, Safety and Caring. 

With the help of his friends Robbie, Raven, Sondra and Cato, Mister Brown uses stories and examples to show elementary school students how to live in a way that incorporates the Core 4. 

Topics include:

·    What is responsibility?

·    How can I be responsible in my classroom?

·    What is respect?

·    How can I respect the people, rules and things around me?

·    What is safety?

·    How do rules help keep me safe?

·    What is caring?

·    How can I choose to care about those around me?

Through these videos, Mister Brown and his friends will help students to be mindful of the Core 4!