What is the most meaningful thing that students learn in school? Math? Science? English? History? Those subjects are all crucial, but what about kindness? Thoughtfulness? Perseverance? Positivity?

The social and emotional wellness of students needs to be supported throughout their development, at home as well as in the classroom. That’s why Mister Brown started the Choose Well Program. His desire is not to be a “one-and-done” speaker, but to follow up with students and to connect with other schools that he has not been able to visit.

The goal of the program is to provide teachers and parents with easily accessible resources to help develop character in their students. These videos can be used to start discussions in the classroom and at home and may even be used for writing prompts. The various series encourage students to connect and support each other. Through the lessons taught by Mister Brown, the program aims to create and maintain a positive school culture as well as to equip students for the upcoming seasons of their lives.

The creative illustrations, relatable stories and engaging humor help to keep students focused while teaching them that if you make better choices, you live a better life!

About Mister Brown

Mister Brown and the Choose Well Group are on a mission to help educators and parents empower students to make better choices to live better lives. We believe that choices are the puzzle pieces of life so it is important to choose well. (Oh Yeah!)